A Legacy Of Four Generations


Years of Institutional History In The Field Of Holistic Health Care

We have a rich history of curing the ailments of the populace since decades before the country’s independence.


A Brief Overview Of The Organization - Since 1926

The institution, formerly known as ‘Basanta Ayurved Bhawan’, has a long history of curing the ailing through traditional ayurvedic medicines and natural cure therapies. It was founded by Kaviraj Sri Manoranjan Pakrashi in the year 1926 and was elevated afterwards to a new horizon by his son Kaviraj Sri Ramakanta Pakrashi. The current director of the organization, Dr. Sanchita Pakrashi, extends the legacy of her great grandfather (Dr. Sri Basanta Pakrashi), grandfather (Kaviraj Sri Manoranjan Pakrashi) and father (Kaviraj Sri Ramakanta Pakrashi) has channeled her knowledge and efforts in healing of the human mind, thus earning the institution a new name (Kathae Kathae, Dr. Pakrashi’s Clinic) with the services in the field of mental health and hygiene.

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Helping People Around The Globe In The Field Of Mental Health & Hygiene

Consult Our Experts To Heal, Maintain & Enhance Your Mental Health

Our Goal is to heal your mental health issues by assessing your mood, feelings, thoughts and behaviour by our experts and help you to learn to take control of your mind while responding to the challenging and threatening situations of life, with healthy Coping Mechanisms.

Confidentiality is the basic prerequisite here, where the Psychologist can not discuss or reveal the identity as well as any personal information of the client to any third party unless mandated or permitted by the law of the country.

It also includes :

  • Not leaving any voicemail/ text with revealing information,
  • Not discussing the personal details even to the other family members without the client’s consent (especially in Couple Counselling sessions).

We Offer The Best Of Services In


Psychological Assessments / Testing

An effective treatment requires a proper diagnosis but understanding the psychodynamics behind any kind of mental illness is generally overlooked while focusing only on the signs and symptoms. We offer a thorough diagnosis of your current mental health through Psychological Assessment / Testing conducted by our most efficient and experienced psychologists as it is the most important step to determine the severity of your mental health condition as well as the type of treatment you actually need.

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Counselling / Psychotherapy

Counselling / Psychotherapy, two different methods of treatments are applied customizing your requirements ranging from minor emotional stresses, adjustment issues with your close ones, specific situation based issues like adjusting to a new position to serious mental health conditions (i.e, mental disorders). The goal is to empower you to overcome your mental ailment by self awareness and healthy coping strategies so that you remain mentally healthy and satiated in spite of adversities.

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Pharmacotherapeutic Assistance

There are certain psychological issues that require medicinal help along with Psychotherapy / Counselling. Besides providing the best of our facilities in Counselling and Psychotherapeutic services, we also have provision for treatment with Pharmacological Assistance (psychiatric medication) for the patients in need. We are grateful to our honourable guest faculty Consultant Psychiatrist for extending his helping hand to our patients in need for Pharmacological Treatments.

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Empowering The Community To Understand The Importance of
Mental Health & Hygiene

Awareness Workshops

Awareness Workshops and group therapy sessions are organised by us in different fields. We extend our help to the community through such workshops in the following sectors.

  • We take Mental Fitness & Mental Hygiene Awareness Workshops in different corporate houses as well as in community centers with the focus of restoring and maintaining community mental health & hygiene.
  • Workshops for the patients with depression, anxiety, addiction and other psychological issues are provided by our organisation which are more like interactive sessions or group therapies.
  • Workshops for parental guidance in the field of child and adolescence psychology, parent-child relationships and marital adjustments are also our specialties.

Some glances from the Awareness Workshops