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Pharmacotherapeutic Assistance

Besides adjustment issues and other minor issues with interactional problems, there are certain psychological conditions that require treatments involving Pharmacotherapeutic Assistance or medications along with psychotherapy / counselling. Researchers are of the opinion that certain chemical imbalances in your brain are responsible for such conditions. Medication can work to control such imbalances reducing your symptom manifestation to a great extent. You have to remember that consistency is the key to the effectiveness of medication in these kinds of treatments; disruption or irregularity in use can cause resurgence of symptoms. Sometimes the effectiveness of medication can show a slow progress, be patient, it can take time to make you feel better. Remember, medication will help you mostly when it is a part of your overall treatment (psychotherapy, rehabilitative services, family awareness leading to a better family environment etc.). Above all, if any kind of complication arises after taking your medicines, please consult your doctor.We are here to assist you in arranging the facility of Pharmacotherapeutic Assistance or medication if required.

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Dr. Santanu Goswami

Senior Psychiatrist

Our Faculties

We extend our gratitude to Dr. Santanu Goswami (Consultant Psychiatrist) our honourable guest faculty for extending his helping hand to our patients in need of Pharmacological Treatments.

Dr Santanu Goswami is a renowned senior psychiatrist with more than 26 years clinical experience . He trained in psychiatry from PGIMER , Chandigarh where he did Junior residency. His thesis was on dual diagnosis patients and the course of both illnesses. After completing his junior residency and passing MD exam, he worked as senior resident in Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences, Delhi . He cleared his DNB exam during this period.After that Dr Goswami worked as a Consultant in several hospitals in Kolkata . From 2004, Dr Goswami worked as a Consultant in NHS, UK in General Adult Psychiatry. Since 2007, he has been practicing in Kolkata in several Hospitals like Columbia Asia Hospital, Narayana Hospitals, ILS hospitals apart from having independent private practice. His special interest is on refractory schizophrenia and bipolar cases, deaddiction, obsessive compulsive disorder. He also visits general hospitals for consultation liaison.

Dr Goswami attends national and state conferences, clinical development programmes to keep himself aware of latest developments and skills. He presents symposiums and papers in many conferences. He has several publications in state and international journals.

He is a fellow of Indian Psychiatric Society, Indian Association of Social Psychiatry, Royal College of Psychiatry.

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Ms. Shinjini Samajdar

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Guest Faculty Clinical Psychologist

We are ever grateful to Ms. Shinjini Samajdar (Consultant Clinical Psychologist) our honourable guest faculty for helping our patients in need of assessments & psychotherapy.

Shinjini Samajdar , is a registered Clinical Psychologist, having done her M. Phil in Clinical Psychology (R.C.I) from Amity University Kolkata. She has also completed her M.A. in Applied Psychology (with the specialization in Clinical Psychology) from the Department of Applied Psychology, University of Calcutta. She is competent in psychotherapeutic interventions for a host of mental ill health conditions in children, adults as well as geriatric population. She gives due emphasis to understand the unique psychosocial circumstances of her clients and makes a customized therapeutic approach based on evidence. She is equally passionate about carrying scientific research in the field of mental health and likes to explore improving treatment outcomes in different clinical conditions.