Counselling & Psychotherapy Services

Counselling Services

Counselling falls under the larger umbrella of ‘Talk Therapy’ that allows you to express your feelings and thoughts to the psychologist in a secure and confidential environment. Counselling generally deals with present issues that are practical and immediate and involves a short term consultation. It can be virtual or in person and can also be taken individually or in a group with people having similar issues.

Sometimes you need people who will listen to you without being judgmental and try to see your situation objectively. If you are unable to talk regarding your problems or personal issues to your family or friends, you can choose us for our objective and professional opinion. We focus on making you feel safe and encourage you to express your emotions and thoughts regarding your problem area so that you never feel judged while talking to us. We are flexible to offer you each session just tailored for you other than trying to fit you in a specific counselling format. Confidentiality from our side (except certain situations involving risk factors for the patient, family or in conditions involving national security) remains the same just like the psychotherapy sessions.

You Can Come To Us For


Sometimes it becomes unacceptable when you lose your loved one. Knowing reality is a separate thing and accepting it is another. The pain of losing a close one may even leave you with emotions like anger and guilt. Talking to friends, relatives or close ones may not provide solace in such conditions. Bereavement is a process that takes different time for different people. You can benefit by talking to a professional about your feelings who will help you ease the process. We provide an empathetic environment where you can communicate your emotions so that we can help you to ease your pain.

Adjusting To A New Position

There are times when you may find yourself in a situation where everything around you has suddenly changed. It may be a new job with bigger responsibilities, it may be a new family with unknown persons after marriage (especially in cases of arranged marriage in India), it may be an unplanned pregnancy with a sudden realization that your career, your priorities have changed suddenly or it may be the change after the birth of your child. People usually get accustomed to their life just as the way it is going on. Then these unexpected changes can act as stressors leaving you in distress. We are here to support you with practical solutions and healthy coping strategies so that you can adapt to the changes with an open mind.

Body Shaming & Bullying

When you are being criticised or negatively commented by others either directly or indirectly for the shape and size of your body or your appearance, you are actually being bullied. Bullying in social media, known as ‘cyberbullying’, is also common now-a-days when people defame or abuse you while commenting on your post leaving you humiliated and overwhelmed in front of others. These kinds of comments and behaviour may leave lasting impressions and may be damaging to your mental health. Some of us can cope with such comments in a healthy manner, some can not. We are here to take care of your mental health as well as providing you with practical solutions for such problems.

Discordant Relationship

Couple relationships (same sex or heterosexual), are challenged by adjustment issues. Expectations play a significant role while bonding with your romantic partner. Communicating your needs and expectations may often lead to conflict. It can occur either during the courtship period or after marriage or in the period of live-in status. Couples may not share the same passion or interests but still can remain very much attached. It may seem difficult to you to be yourself in your relationship in anticipation that you might hurt your partner’s feelings. We help you to express and communicate your feelings, needs and expectations in a manner that will help you to enhance the quality of your relationship.


No child is born with a user manual, we try to raise them the way we were raised by our parents. The problem is, it does not always work. Each and every child is different and they may have been born with enormous possibilities. By trying to mould them in a fixed manner, you may end in compromising their potentiality. Most of the time, we have found that the issue is not with your child, it is actually with you and your parenting style. We are good at understanding you and your child’s potentials. We provide you with good parenting and adjustment tips that will make you a good parent and your child a happy one.

Addiction Issues

Any kind of addiction behaviour involves an inability to control your impulses, whether in the form of excessive substance use (nicotine, alcohol, marijuana etc.), or the form of cyber addiction or other. You either name your addiction as a necessity or deny it in front of others. Substance use leads to direct health hazards and cyber addiction may lead to additional complexities in life like compulsive virtual relationships, games addiction, cybersex addiction, online compulsive gambling etc. Most of the time the family of the addicted person is more concerned than the client. But counselling is only effective to a person who understands his / her problem but does not know how to overcome it. We can help you in this regard if you really want to change.

Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy, also popularly known as ‘Talk Therapy’ is a non-invasive process involving talking and listening while dealing with people having a broad variety of mental illness or emotional difficulties. It is usually a long term treatment procedure depending on the depth of the problem.

Here in the clinic, we first focus on establishing a good professional relationship with you, making you feel secure about the interactive sessions where you can tell your deepest feelings without hesitation. The individual sessions need basic commitments from both (the therapist and the client). The therapist is bound to keep confidentiality (except certain situations involving risk factors for the patient, family or in conditions involving national security) from his/ her end. As a client, you must also maintain transparency from your end while sharing your thoughts and feelings in order to make this treatment work effectively. The ongoing therapy sessions will gradually reach towards the solutions of your problems focusing on the reasoning behind changing your attitudes, thoughts and behaviours that are affecting your current mental health as well as others in your life. Our goal is to empower you with self-awareness so that you can understand the cause and effect relationship behind your ailment. We also communicate with your family members and advise them accordingly as they play a significant role in building your psycho-social environment.

In other words, psychotherapy sessions help you to remain mentally healthy and satiated by improving your coping skills or strategies in spite of the adverse situations or environment.

The service is provided in the areas of

Feeling low for a day or few days based on certain incidents normalises naturally after sometime. Maybe a visit to your close friend or a soulful conversation with your dear one can ease your low mood. But if you are suffering constantly with depressed / irritable mood, loss of interest in normal daily activities, loss of pleasure, appetite & sleep disturbances, fatigue/ loss of energy, feelings of worthlessness, low self esteem, poor confidence, inability to concentrate, indecisiveness, recurrent thoughts of death / suicidal ideation for a considerable period of time, it can be due to depression. There may or may not be any reason behind such gloominess. Visit us. Our clinic provides a wide range of psychotherapeutic services by trained professionals.

A gloomy state of mind and sudden elation lasting for some hours might be issue based and temporary. It is sometimes very common for us to have such usual swings of mood. But if you are having mood swings ranging from lows (low energy, low motivation, loss of interest or pleasure in daily activities, sadness, hopelessness, crying spells, suicidal thoughts etc.) to highs (high energy, unrealistic motivation, increased activity, agitation, exaggerated sense of well-being and self-confidence, impulsivity, decreased need for sleep, etc) and if these episodes are bothering you for multiple times for a considerable period and your social and occupational life is being compromised, consult us for a complete treatment.

Suffering from normal feelings of nervousness and anxiousness is your body’s natural reaction to the feeling of stress. Certain amount of anxiety and stress are beneficial for your achievement as it alerts you to prepare and pay the needed attention. Anxiety becomes ‘Disorder’ when intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear are out of proportion and difficult to control, and are interfering with your daily activities. These are the most common mental health conditions affecting people of all ages - children, teens and adults. The symptoms can arise suddenly or gradually and can seriously affect your personal, social and occupational life. But these are completely treatable conditions. We offer you a comprehensive psychotherapeutic treatment for your anxiety issues.

Are you having recurrent, unwanted, automatic thoughts or mental images (known as obsessions) generating excessive anxiety? Are you performing repetitive rituals or behaviours (known as compulsions) like handwashing, cleaning, useless counting, checking, hoarding things etc. in anticipation that you will get rid of the anxieties that are associated with your thoughts? Well, you might be suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder popularly known as OCD. Did you know that performing these so-called ‘rituals’ that actually provide temporary relief, might aggravate the illness in a greater dimension each time ? The OCD behaviours are habit forming and affect your social and occupational functioning gravely. This can be treated completely. We provide diagnostic help and a thorough treatment (both therapeutic and pharmacological assistance) here.

You may become worried, distressed or fearful in anticipation of a stressful situation, experience or event. These kinds of worries or anxieties can exist in the back of your mind but still you can carry out your day to day activities and even can have normal conversations with others. Panic attacks are completely different from normal worries or anxieties. They might not be cued by stressors, they most often occur out of the blue. Panic attacks mostly involve severe, disruptive symptoms and are often characterized by unexpected and repeated episodes of intense fear (called panic attack) accompanied by physical symptoms including chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness or abdominal distress. We can help you to cure your panic attack through a proper psychotherapeutic intervention.

Do you experience anxiety and discomfort about being embarrassed, humiliated, rejected or looked down on in social interactions? Do you experience intense fear while talking to strangers in anticipation that they might be noticing your shortcomings and judging you? Do you analyse your acts excessively and feel intense fear in anticipation that you are surely not doing well while performing? Do you feel discomfort while eating and drinking in public in fear of avoiding everyone’s attention? You may suffer from excessive fear in situations like talking or participating in group discussions, starting conversation with strangers, speaking on the phone and even talking to authority figures like your boss. We provide talk therapy by our experts who focus on modifying your thoughts, behaviour and emotional responses.